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We offer the standard engraving materials tools (like engraving cutters) required to engrave the most cost-effective and highest quality possible. 

  We also created a cost effective system for engravers that use a 1/4 spindle. Our system requires one Stainless Steel tool holder and a family of 1/8 x 1-1/2 solid carbide inserts. Our inserts are made into the standard half round cutters with the tip sizes .003, .005, .010, .015, .020, .030, .040, .050, .060, .090, .125, profile cutters, parallel cutters, 2 flute graver mills, 1 flute graver mills, .062 braille drill. The purpose is the 100% cost savings of buying the small 1/8 x 1-1/2 solid carbide inserts instead of having several 1/4 x 6.5 solid carbide tools in inventory. We also have the system for 11/64" spindles.  Please inquire about our latest product. We have many customers taking advantage of this system and are very satisfied with the quality and cost savings.

  We keep a large inventory of 11/64 x 6.5 solid carbide engraving tools and will ship the same day in most cases. We keep them in a semi finished condition and make them into the tools that are requested.
  Our inventory on the 1/8 x 4.5 tools is also well maintained. We ship those out the same day regularly. In most cases they are used on the Roland engraving machines.

  Our diamond tooling is always in stock. We have the diamond burnisher in the tip sizes .005, .010, .015, .020, .030. They can be purchased in the 1/4 x 7, 11/64 x 7 and 1/8 x 5 stainless steel shanks.  

Diamond drag we ship the same day in most cases. We offer 90 deg., 120 deg., and 150 deg. 
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